Reflections: The Two-Year Anniversary of the Death of George Floyd
Jeanine Gangeness

Jeanine Gangeness How did you feel when you first learned of what happened to George Floyd on May 25, 2020? Horrified, that this continues to happen after years of shining a light on carelessly taking away individual rights and life. Grateful, that there was video evidence so action could be taken. Devastated, that people were traumatized by the video and memories of others, personal interactions that may have resulted with the death of friends and family.   Did you view the video? If so, what emotions and thoughts did you have upon seeing the video? Yes, I did view the video. I was sad that the situation wasn’t de-escalated by professionals. It should not have resulted in George Floyd’s death. So many situations should not result in death. How did you feel when the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced? I was relieved that the court convicted him. Based on my understanding and my work, I am grateful that Minnesota State is acting through the Minnesota State Taskforce on Law Enforcement Education Reform.   What actionable steps have you taken since the murder of George Floyd? Our organization has joined a community action group. I continue to listen and learn. The actions we have taken include reviewing and updating our practices and policies to align with Equity 2030 (, hosting book clubs and seeking voices to provide feedback on creating a welcoming culture.

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