Reflections: The Two-Year Anniversary of the Death of George Floyd
Amy Seegmiller Renner

Amy Seegmiller Renner

How did you feel when you first learned of what happened to George Floyd on May 25, 2020?

Dumbstruck. I could not rationalize how a potential misdemeanor could result in the murder of an unarmed man.

Did you view the video? If so, what emotions and thoughts did you have upon seeing the video?

Yes, I did watch the video, as I felt I needed to see it with my own eyes and make my own conclusions versus what was being said on the news and in social media. I now can never unsee that footage and cannot fathom what it must have been like for Darnell Frazier and others as they firsthand witnessed the murder George Floyd from a police officer who had sworn to protect the people. My immediate emotions were one of feeling physically sick to my stomach and then crying as I attempted to understand what I was watching. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be able to understand from the murder of George Floyd.

 How did you feel when the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced?

For two minutes, elated and victorious. Then a heavy sigh as I realized this was one step for justice, however, there are so many more steps that need to be taken and so many others who are victims of racism and hatred.

 What actionable steps have you taken since the murder of George Floyd?

Personally, I have had several conversations with loved ones exploring what it means to live in a society that protects the majority culture and how this affords us benefits that are not equitably given to everyone. As a family, we also attended one of the rallies in Rochester, Minnesota.

Professionally, I have had the immense honor to work alongside other passionate colleagues to create, curate and disseminate I-DARE (inclusion, diversity, anti-racism and equity) curriculum to learners within the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. 

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