Reflections: The Two-Year Anniversary of the Death of George Floyd
Jackie Trotter

Jackie Trotter

How did you feel when you first learned of what happened to George Floyd on May 25th, 2020?

I felt profoundly sad that this evil epidemic of killing African American people by the police was continuing to thrive. The evilness of it was gripping.

Did you view the video? If so, what emotions and thoughts did you have upon seeing the video?

Yes. I was struck with the casual attitude of the policeman. To have his knee on George Floyd’s neck with such an expressionless face and his hand in his pocket suggested such an indifference to the importance and consequence of having another person’s life subject to your will. And, he was doing it in the face of people imploring him to act differently. It reminded me of Revelation and evil roaming the Earth.

How did you feel when the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced?

Certainly not elation. I felt that justice had won, but it was kind of an empty feeling. Because I knew this would not be the last killing, and of course, as we know, it wouldn’t be.

What actionable steps have you taken since the murder of George Floyd?

I have tried to encourage young people in my family and in the community in their pursuits. I have written biographies of my parents and shared them with my children so that they will understand and appreciate what their grandparents endured to pave the way for them and so they understand more clearly their responsibilities to their community and family. Continued our support of HBCUs.

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