Reflections: The Two-Year Anniversary of the Death of George Floyd
Carmen Ganga

Carmen Ganga

How did you feel when you first learned of what happened to George Floyd on May 25, 2020?                          
My husband and I were living close to the neighborhood where George Floyd was murdered, and so it had a profound impact on us. When I first learned about his death, I was traumatized. I attempted to watch the news and videos of what occurred, and I simply could not tolerate them. I was angry, sad and found it difficult to focus at work. I did my best to find solace in prayer and my community of friends and family, which was difficult to do as we felt like we were living in a war zone when the protests started.

Did you view the video? If so, what emotions and thoughts did you have upon seeing the video? 

I attempted to watch the video but could not as it literally made me feel physically ill. I was disgusted by the fact that ANY human being could do this to someone else.

How did you feel when the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced? 

When the verdict was announced, I was relieved that the family received some form of justice but also disheartened because I knew the reality of the African American experience—it would happen again.

What actionable steps have you taken since the murder of George Floyd? 

Since the murder of George Floyd, I have been increasingly engaged in the efforts of inclusion, diversity and equity at work. I started co-leading a task force last September for our business unit, focused on these efforts, while also being much more vocal about discriminatory practices in corporate America. I have also re-focused my career trajectory towards becoming a physician leader and innovator that is a champion for the eradication of health inequities.

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