Resume Tips

Your resume should tell both your career story and how your experience fits the employer’s needs.

Customizing Your Resume

  • Customize your resume for each job by matching skills and keywords in the job description. Create a targeted skills summary.
  • Research the company beforehand to understand their priorities. Align your content.


  • Use data and metrics to demonstrate professional impact, not just duties. For example: “Provided career services to 50 clients.”
  • Focus on relevant skills, achievements and recent experience.
  • Highlight achievements and abilities that show you can perform the required tasks.


  • Use clear formatting: bullet points, simple fonts, white space, headings. Make it easy to scan.
  • Submit as a simple, readable PDF.
  • List employment history from most recent to oldest, back to around 10 years. Include start and end month/year.

Review Process

  • Thoroughly proofread for any errors. Ask others to review as well. Edit for consistency.
  • Carefully review for proper grammar, spelling, verb consistency before submitting. Ask someone else to review before submitting.

Leveraging Technology

  • Consider using AI tools like or ChatGPT to help identify transferable skills, but don’t rely on them as a substitute.

Truthfulness and Ethics

  • Be completely honest. Recruiters verify credentials. Don’t exaggerate qualifications.


  • Avoid overusing fancy resume templates. Prioritize clear organization and communication of experiences.
  • Keep it concise at 1-2 pages maximum. ::

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