Shame → Superpower
Can your shame be your superpower? 

I have shame around the fact that I am not very organized. My brain operates a mile a minute, thinking about new ideas, and tasks like tidying up fall to the bottom of my to-do list. I like neat and organized surroundings, don’t get me wrong. But performing the tasks necessary to get them feels tedious.

And here is where I start to feel shame. Here’s how my thought pattern goes:

  • If I don’t tidy up, who will?
  • I bet everybody thinks those tasks are tedious. Why should I be the one who gets to be exempt from them?
  • I would feel bad if I had someone else doing those tasks, just so I can be free to be coming up with ideas (italicized to indicate a mocking voice…)
  • I guess I need to be the one to do them then.
  • But I need to prioritize having space for new ideas so that our business can stay relevant and fun and economically viable.
  • I guess I’ll just live with this mess… 
  • Jeez, I’m lazy.
  • Everybody probably thinks so. How embarrassing.

Here’s how I’m shutting this shame cycle down and turning it into my superpower.

As a business owner, I know I need to prioritize space for coming up with new ideas and for looking ahead. Somebody needs to be carrying the dream and the vision. I know myself, and if I get bogged down in detail work, my brain isn’t available for ideation. By realizing that and admitting I need help, I can create space and time for creativity.

I didn’t quite understand until recently that there is so much power in admitting when I’m not good at something. Then I can find someone who IS good at those things to do them. Then we’re both operating in our “zones of genius.” 

Luckily my greatest strength is maximizer. I am a strong leader because I seek out the talents and perspectives of those around me. When I bring someone onto our team, I spend the most time finding out who they are, what their strengths are and what they enjoy doing. 

Old Me shamed myself by feeling disorganized and scattered. New Me celebrates my messy, creative, racing brain and leans on Jennie, Melissa Acacia, Erin, Kate, Tessa, Alex and all of our fabulous writers to shine in their roles so that I can shine in mine! 


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