Social Media Basics: Writing Good Captions
6 Simple Tips

Social media captions are an important way for your content to get seen. Bring your creativity and follow these steps for attention-grabbing posts!

Remember KISS.

KISS stands for “Keep it simple, sweetie!” This is a motto I bring into all aspects of my life but especially social media captions. The longer the caption, the less people will read. Less is more, so never say something in 10 words that you can say in 5. Short, sweet and to the point is best.

Start with a “hook!”

A hook is something that will grab the reader’s attention within two seconds or less. Ask a fun question, make it headline worthy and keep it short! Remember: A hook is NOT a paragraph of text.

Utilize line breaks and list formats. 

When people see big chunks of text, they’ll naturally want to keep scrolling, and many do! Don’t let that post they pass by be yours. Utilize line breaks where appropriate. In addition, people love lists because they’re easier to digest. Bonus points if your lists are bulleted by emojis!

Use emojis.

This adds a splash of color to your captions, so they’re more interesting to look at, which will draw attention to your posts—which is what you want! Just keep the emojis relevant to the post and don’t overdo it. 

Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation is important. 

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you’re means you are. Your is possessive. Also, there, their and they’re all have different meanings. Inkorrect speling is a majur turnoff for most peeple. So, is incorrect, use: of punctuation;T

Make your call to action clear and easy to find.

If you want people to visit your website, include the link on Facebook and have it readily accessible in your Instagram bio. If you’re using a Linktree or something of that nature, make sure the links you want people to click most are right at the top. In addition, don’t use a phone number as a call to action. Social media is a digital format, so any calls to action should be able to be done digitally. 

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