Social Media Basics: Optimizing Your Posts
Are You Doing These 5 Things?

It’s common to feel frustrated when you’re building your business’s social media platforms. 

How often should I post?
What do I post?
How can I get more engagement? 

Here are 5 things you can do to optimize your social media posts to gain the most benefits.

Be consistent. 

On average, posting at least once a day is a good goal. Posting twice a day is even better! The reason for this is the algorithm. I used to think that because I posted something, everyone would see it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Social media platforms reward platforms who post every day because it means your platform is active. The platforms are less likely to push out your content to social media users if they think you’re an inactive account. So instead of posting everything all in one day once a week, spread that content out to all seven days of the week. 

Use high-quality photos. 

In case no one’s told you yet, stop posting blurry photos! I’m not saying all your photos need to be perfect, but if your content is hard to see, unflattering, too crowded/messy, too dark, etc., it’s not going to engage your audience, and it also looks unprofessional. Instead, lean toward using clean photos with high resolution and bright lighting that feature people. 

Tag often and correctly.

Did you know that the more accounts you tag, the more other users will see that content? For example, if I tag a person, their friends are more likely to see that content because they are friends with the person I tagged. Now please don’t just tag anyone and everyone—that will drive people crazy. Only tag accounts that are relevant to that post’s content.

In addition, make sure you’re tagging the correct accounts for the specific platform. For example, if you’re posting on Instagram, you’ll need to tag that person or business’s specific IG handle. If you’re posting the same content to Facebook, those handles will need to be changed and tagged to match their FB handles. 

Beware! Facebook is picky! When tagging, you need to actually click the account so it appears tagged to users and becomes clickable. If you don’t, that means it’ll appear as regular text in your caption, which also means that account wasn’t tagged, so they and their friends/followers won’t see it.

Be human. 

Users like to see content that’s relatable to them. If your captions and video content are too cookie cutter or super businessy, your engagement will dip. However, if your content is fun, is friendly and feels personable, users are more likely to engage because they want to feel like they’re talking to a person, not a business. 

Extra tip: When creating your captions and videos, talk to your audience like you’re talking to the ONE person who’s seeing it. This means using verbiage like “you” instead of verbiage that addresses the masses. 

Interact with your audience. 

It’s called “social” media for a reason, so be social! Encourage your audience to comment by asking simple questions and posting content that will elicit conversation. When users comment, don’t just “like” their comment either. Instead, take the extra step to ask them a question or respond (with words) to their comment. This helps drive the algorithm to keep showing your content to that person, their friends, and new users, because again, the platforms reward active accounts.

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