Spring Clean Your Budget
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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet or your cabinets. If you’re like me and most other folks out there, your budget needs a good spring cleaning too! A budget, just like other items in your home, can get a bit dusty and outdated if it’s neglected over the long winter months here in Minnesota. So what to do first? 

First, take a look at your budget line by line. What do you pay per month for subscriptions? Eating out? Online shopping? Phone? Insurances? Mortgage? Debt payments? That’s right. Examine your last 3 months worth of bank statements and look at them line by line. Every.single.purchase. Now, I agree, this can be pretty overwhelming. Once you’ve discovered each of these line items, total up each item category for one month. Holy smokes! I know, these can be scary numbers. Remember, the first step to becoming a budgeting boss is to know your numbers. Be brave. You can do this. The first step to successful budgeting is to know where your starting line is. 

Second, take a look at each of these totals. Are any of these categories derailing your budget? For example, do you spend way more online shopping and eating out than you realized? How can you reduce overspending areas so that you have more room in your budget for the things that are important to you? Try packing a lunch or making coffee at home. Try eating food you have in your freezer or pantry for a month or removing that online shopping app from your phone. I know these helped me with sticking to a budget, especially when first starting out!

Next, when is the last time you have reviewed your phone bill? Or your insurance? Or your mortgage? Go into each of these accounts and review your charges line by line. Are there any gimmick warranties or extra charges you didn’t realize you were paying for? Did you sign up for something and completely forgot about it? $5 here or $10 there can really add up over time, so make sure you take a close look. Don’t be afraid to shop around! While changing service providers can be a pain, it can save you some serious cash in the long run. It’s a good idea to shop around for things like phone service, car insurance, life insurance, and many others. Remember, right now is always a great time to save money!

I know budgeting to this level can be quite overwhelming. This is exactly why I created Money Masterminds, my group coaching platform. I help my clients win with money, improve financial literacy, and hone their budgeting, saving and investing skills. I also offer 1:1 coaching sessions for a personalized, deep dive into your financial world. Everyone deserves a chance to live financially free. I’d love to help you!

Let’s take action together! Join Mel for a Spring Clean Your Budget Webinar on May 19th at 6pm. Bring your budgets and sign up here:Spring Clean Your Budget Webinar.

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Mel the Money Coach is a leader within the world of financial coaching. She is known as the medical professional's go-to money coach as she is also a nurse practitioner at Mayo Clinic and graduate nursing educator. After Mel and her husband paid off $160,000 in 20 months, she set out to help others do the same. She is the creator of Money Masterminds, a group coaching platform, where she helps her clients improve their financial literacy and hone their skills such as budgeting, saving and investing. She also works with clients 1:1 to create a customized plan to win with money. Her mission: Everyone deserves to live financially free.

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