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We all agree that you have to have customers in order to have a business, right? I’m guessing we do not all agree on the best method to get those customers, however. Well, we might. Word-of-mouth is what we all dream of since it’s virtually free. It takes time and effort, however, so while you’re building that hole-in-one system,  outside advertising companies can help.

But it’s overwhelming. I know (as the former owner of a small gym) that businesses get contacted frequently by ad sales reps. Now, as the owner of a local magazine that relies on advertising dollars for our work in the community, I encourage you to consider the following when allocating your advertising dollars.

Spend local when you can.

I suspect that many people don’t realize that their beloved publications can only function when businesses use their platforms for advertising. To maximize your community impact, consider including local magazines in your budget.

Remember that you vote with your dollars.

If it’s important to you to support businesses that are values-led, make sure you understand what that advertising company’s values are. Are they all about the bottom line, or do they have more altruistic goals?

Consider more than the analytics.

Analytics have a limited capacity for illustrating a larger picture. Impressions and likes are not the same as meaningful interaction. And having your ad share the same page with inflammatory content may get a lot of impressions, but is that really what you want your business associated with? Are your advertising dollars helping create positive community interactions, events, education and connections?

Print is not dead.

Local magazines are very special. Readers seek them out because they love to see their friends, neighbors and coworkers in the pages of the magazine, and they love to know what’s going on in their communities. There is a symbiotic relationship between readers, advertisers and the local magazine. Readers rely on the magazine for content. The magazine relies on advertising dollars to maximize the page count for more content. Businesses rely on the magazine to get itself into the hands of readers, and on those readers spending money with them. It’s a beautiful cycle, but like all relationships, it relies on input from all parties.

As you consider your advertising spend for the year, maximize your impact by supporting a local magazine.

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