The art of letting go
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Renew: to restore or replenish; the state of being made or becoming new, fresh, or strong again.

Renewal is a positive up-spin when our journey is in a rebirth phase; when things are on the rise, it’s the restoration, the battery recharging.  

The other edge of renewal, rebirth, restoration…surrenderrelease

How many women reading this article struggle with letting go of control? Do you struggle with facing the shadows of what’s underneath the day-to-day motions, tasks and to-do’s?  

But what often precedes renewal? The surrender, the letting go, the release—or just the realization that one needs to be renewed or restored.  

Why seek a renewal?

If you are a goal-oriented, purpose-driven woman, you can probably relate to a time in your life when you felt at your edge, your breaking point, the end of your rope, and you wondered how you could keep giving more.

I know I have been there. After years of perfectionism, chasing accomplishments and career accolades, I still wasn’t “happy.” But my tendency was to keep my foot on the gas pedal and just keep going. Don’t slow down, maintain control, keep the smile on and “it’ll all work out.”

Little did I realize, I needed to surrender and acknowledge that I didn’t know everything. I wasn’t happy in my career, and if I truly wanted to restore and renew, I was going to need to go about things in a different way. This would include uncertainty, unease and discomfort, but I also had a sense that it would lead to a renewal and a restoration of myself. 

Five years later, I can truly say I have learned how to surrender, release and jump into the renewal phase, embracing the entire process. It’s helped me grow and evolve into the woman writing this article, the owner of an emotional evolution and wellness business. 

Beginning your evolution

So do you need a battery recharge? To be made anew? Here are my tips to begin your evolution to surrendering. It means letting go of how you’ve always done things or of how things “must” or “should” be and acknowledging how things truly are:

  1. Start with a surrender—a breath just to yourself. Minimize the need to fill every moment with something, the desire to “keep busy.” Start small. Take one moment each day just to breathe in this moment. Bonus tip: Add an essential oil to help you shift into calm and check in with yourself.
  2. Journal about it. What aspects of your life bring you joy? What aspects stress you out? Which people in your life fill your cup, and which people are more draining? Practice being honest with yourself. These thoughts are a way to let go and release what is no longer serving you so you can start to renew. 
  3. Find a professional. Find someone that you jive with so that you can begin to discover your more authentic self. Real rejuvenation and renewal come when we start shedding the layers we put up and start to dig into our true selves. This can be done with a licensed therapist or counselor, or a holistic occupational therapist or resiliency coach. Sometimes the work begins by attending a yoga class, trying a reiki session or with another holistic wellness provider.  

Listen to a beautiful surrender poem from The Poetry of Yoga.


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Maria Serbus is the CEO of Maria Serbus, LLC. She focuses on helping motivated, driven women overcome stress and overwhelm through mind-body practices to enjoy the life they live now. | @maria.serbus

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Maria is CEO of Maria Serbus, LLC, a business that focuses on helping high achievers overcome stress/overwhelm through mind-body practices to enjoy the life they live now.

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