The Benefits of Color Therapy for Chakra Balancing: A Holistic Approach to Healing
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Everything is made up of electro-magnetic energy, vibrating at different frequencies which correspond to sound, light and color. We are inherently drawn to the elements needed to create balance in our lives. Utilizing the services provided by a certified Chromatherapy specialist, also known as Colorology or Color Therapy, will effectively aid in energy restoration. Color Therapy harnesses the therapeutic qualities of light and color to achieve mental, emotional and physical harmony; equilibrium is the goal of all healing.

Imbalanced, blocked or stagnant chakras are often manifested as cognitive, affective or bodily challenges. Color Therapy chakra healing sessions are based upon the fundamental Chromatherapy principles. Essentially, the exposure of appropriate electro-magnetic frequencies will offset stalled or out-of-sync functions, thus reestablishing homeostasis. Deeply meditative, this experience brings the body’s seven main chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of Color Therapy tools such as filtered color lights, colored scarves, healing chakra stones, Reiki, essential oil aromatherapy, singing bowls and more.

Life is color; each hue has intelligence and polarity, knows its functional role and works selectively. Color is unique in that it’s a vibratory energy that has the power to activate the systems in the body. Chromatherapy healing sessions employ a vibrant spectrum of colors to stimulate your chakras.

Although there are 114 chakras in our bodies, Colorology focuses on the seven fundamental chakras that advance alongside the spine. The seven chakras of the body are understood to be spinning discs of energy that should be open, aligned and balanced as they have the vital task of absorbing our vital energy (prana) before redistributing it. These chakras each have distinct and specific Sanskrit (the classical language of India) names, colors, locations on the spine, meanings and health-focused functions. 

Awaken the Healing Power of Color: The Seven Primary Chakras 

  1. Root Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: Muladhara 
  • Coloration: Red
  • Location: Base of Spine (Tailbone) 
  • Meaning: The Foundation, Survival, Trust 
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as problems in the legs, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproductive parts and prostate gland.
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as anxious feelings around basic survival needs such as financial security, adequate shelter, access to food and the ability to provide life’s necessities.

​2. Sacral Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name: Swadishthana
  • Coloration: Orange 
  • Location: Two Inches Below Navel
  • Meaning: Creativity, Abundance, Acceptance of Others, New Experiences
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as sexual and reproductive issues, urinary problems, kidney infections and pain located in the hips, pelvis and lower back.
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as a fear of commitment in relationships, difficulty expressing emotions, concerns of impotence, irrational feelings of betrayal and a susceptibility for addiction.
  1. Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: Manipura
  • Coloration: Yellow
  • Location: Three Inches Above Navel
  • Meaning: Power, Vitality, Confidence 
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as digestive problems, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, increased probability of developing diabetes and experiencing colon issues.
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as feelings of low self-esteem and lacking personal power. 

​4. Heart Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name: Anahata
  • Coloration: Green 
  • Location: Center of Chest 
  • Meaning: Ability to Love, Healing, Acceptance 
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as asthma, heart disease, lung disease, issues with breasts, lymphatic system concerns and upper back and shoulder pain.
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as jealousy, abandonment concerns, anger, bitterness and a debilitating fear of loneliness.
  1. Throat Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha 
  • Coloration: Blue
  • Location: Throat
  • Meaning: Communication, Expression 
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as thyroid issues, chronic sore throat, laryngitis, recurring ear infections as well as cervical pain. 
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as an inability to communicate, decreased willpower and an overall discontentment. 
  1. Third Eye Chakra 
  • Sanskrit Name: Ajna
  • Coloration: Indigo 
  • Location: Between Eyebrows
  • Meaning: Awareness, Intuition, Thoughts
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, seizures, hearing loss and hormonal instabilities. 
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as moodiness, uncharacteristic volatility and feeling critical of oneself. 
  1. ​Crown Chakra
  • Sanskrit Name: Sahastrara
  • Coloration: Purple 
  • Location: Top of the Head
  • Meaning: Spirituality, Enlightenment 
  • Health-Focused Functions:
    • Physical imbalances manifest themselves as depression, learning barriers and sensitivities to light and sound. 
    • Emotional imbalances manifest themselves as destructive tendencies, frustration and feelings of sadness and melancholy. 

Today, both conventional and holistic practitioners acknowledge the healing potential of Color Therapy. It is safe to use alone or alongside any other therapy; however, it is important to note that complementary therapies like Chromatherapy are not substitutes for traditional medical protocols managed by qualified professionals. 

Color is absorbed by the eyes, skin, skull, “magnetic energy field” or aura. The energy of color affects us on every level: physically, spiritually and emotionally. Every cell in the body needs light energy. Chakra Color Healing has the power to infuse widespread effects on the whole body. 

At Awaken Gratitude, we practice and encourage a spiritual approach to wellness. As humans, we long to deeply connect with others; we also seek inner peace. Serenity is found within the harmonies of the body, mind and spirit. As your practitioner, I strive to provide education and support so you may effectively harness the skills and tools needed to continue your healing journey outside of our sessions. 

We utilize Reiki, an energy healing technique, to serve as the foundation of Awaken Gratitude’s holistic methodology. Our sessions can be performed in person where we’re together in close proximity or at a distance; both are equally as effective at clearing and rejuvenating your energy pathways. In addition to Reiki and Color Therapy chakra healing sessions, we provide a range of sacred self-care services such as Divine Discoveries, Angel Card Readings, Energy Clearing and Home Blessings. 

We are excited to offer The Chakra Collection, a unique way to align, balance, cleanse and revitalize your energy by targeting the seven primary chakras. The Chakra Collection consists of seven all-natural essential oil blends which can be applied to the corresponding chakra points or diffused into the air. Kim with Awaken Gratitude personally blends and charges each set with Reiki, intention, gratitude and love.  

Where focus goes . . . energy flows. Awaken Gratitude.

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