The Importance of Nurturing our Inner Connection
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The relationship with oneself is, by far, the most important one we will ever have. As a result, we must learn to nurture our inner-connection, paying close attention to the many layers found within. Unfortunately, fear and our internal dialogue can convince us our needs are less than: less than our spouse’s, less than our children’s, less than our co-workers’, less than our right to resolve issues that may torment. As a result, we may use avoidance or set unrealistic expectations of all we must accomplish. While these actions are polar opposites, both are equally damaging; the outcome is the same: evidence of our shortcomings which only serve to reinforce the message “we are less than.”

It is in this judgmental state that it’s imperative we pay attention to our own needs. In these moments we learn how crucial it is to sit in silence and forge a connection between our higher self and the universe. It is here our life energy is found.

If our energy is constantly flickering, we will most certainly find ourselves in an unhealthy, debilitated state. However, if our spirit is free, allowing our inner light to brightly shine, we inherently attract positivity. An uninhibited heart allows us to heal, and loves ourselves without even a hint of fear. Utilizing Reiki can help uplift our personal being so we may reach inspired levels, providing us a safe place to foster our self-relationship.

The connections we have within are equally or more complex than our external relationships. As we strengthen the bond between the heart, the mind and the soul, we are able to fully appreciate the powerful force we possess. This powerful force is the charged energy our chakras are composed of, dictating how we communicate, exercise our will and keep ourselves safe. 

During a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner channels energy from the universe into the client’s energy field. Reiki helps us release what no longer serves us while healing the chakras and energy fields; we discover the ability to harmonize our thoughts with our higher purpose and raise our vibrations to cultivate our self-appreciation.

Reiki is a spiritual practice and is a deeply personal experience. Reiki can help us cultivate self-love by… 

  • Opening our hearts so we may learn to love and extend compassion to ourselves…
  • Heightening creativity…
  • Incorporating an atmosphere of calm and peace into daily living…
  • Showing us we are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time…
  • Giving us permission to live a purposeful life…
  • Teaching us how to manage daily worries and anxiety…
  • Healing emotional traumas (both known and unknown)…
  • Gently moving us towards the resolution of persistent and self-destructive behaviors…
  • Rejuvenating our bodies to promote physical healing (headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, heart concerns and musculoskeletal conditions, etc.)

We are living in distressing times, operating within the constraints of hectic schedules. Trauma has a unique way of latching on when the act of loving and advocating for yourself is deemed selfish or arrogant. These struggles create turmoil throughout our energy field. We run ourselves ragged trying to calm the chaos only to discover we are still in a spiritual gridlock.

Reiki harnesses the power of energy to release the body from this bondage. It restores, refreshes, recalibrates and realigns our unbalanced life force energy, transporting us to a place of holistic love and acceptance.

In a perfect world, Reiki would be the magic fix, the cure for the chaos. The reality is that chaos remains. Until we take steps to prioritize and identify the core concerns, we’ll never be able to work through them. Reiki can aid in the processing of both our positive and negative experiences; it can guide our focus to the places we learn to freely love ourselves.

We discover that compassion and kindness that is turned inward results in an outward shift. When we move with purpose towards the healing glow of Reiki light, we find the courage to declare ourselves worthy just as we are. It is transformational to see a universe filled with possibilities, a place where hope is always stronger than fear.

At Awaken Gratitude, we offer Chakra Balancing by realigning the energy through the chakra system. As humans, we long to deeply connect with others; we also seek inner peace. Serenity is found within the harmonies of the body, mind and spirit. As your practitioner, I strive to provide education so you may effectively harness the skills needed to continue your healing journey outside of our sessions.

In addition to Chakra Balancing, we provide Reiki treatments and Toxin-Free Living Consults, utilizing a holistic approach to healing. We are excited to now offer The Chakra Collection, a unique way to align, balance, cleanse and revitalize each of the chakras. The Chakra Collection consists of 7 all-natural doTERRA essential oil blends which work with the corresponding chakras. Kim with Awaken Gratitude personally blends, cleanses and charges each set with Reiki, intention, energy and love.

Where focus goes…energy flows. Awaken Gratitude. 

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