To Plant a Legacy

When you plant a tree, you are choosing to plant a legacy. Beyond the physical benefits, such as beauty, shade or oxygen, trees provide perspective for our lives. For many, trees represent transformation, physical and spiritual nourishment and resurrection. They begin as small, fragile things, and against all odds, grow into something towering and timeless. Planting trees means taking on the responsibility of protecting and caring for those trees and the value they provide.

There are trees in the Rochester area that pre-date the founding of America. They have survived hundreds of years of storms, drought and human expansion. They labor all summer, absorbing sun and water, storing the vital nutrients they need to survive the cold, harsh winter so that they can emerge once again in the spring, renewed. This cycle repeats year after year, decade after decade, century after century.
Perhaps it’s this investment of time that makes the loss of a tree particularly devastating. Fortunately, proper care and preservation measures can be taken to ensure your trees continue to thrive for generations. It starts with making sure a tree is planted correctly and in a proper location. From there, services such as formative pruning and fertilization should begin the first year after planting.

As with our own health, the professionals we trust to care for our trees are of monumental importance. A quality tree care company understands the value of a tree and the investment of time that goes with it. The decision to remove a tree could be decades in the making; it should not be arrived at quickly. The professionals should be inquisitive about how you value your trees, and they should offer treatments and services that match those values.

For 50 years, the Rochester community has trusted the experts at Sargent’s with their gardens. In 2020 we expanded our expertise to form a full line of arboriculture (tree care) services with a single purpose: to protect your legacy.

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