Do you remember the trend #transforationTuesday? I remember my socials filling with before and after weight loss photos—which always made me cringe. It’s good to be proud of transforming our bodies into being healthier and stronger, but when we place photos of our fat selves and thin selves next to each other, it’s like we’re saying one is bad and the other is good. Forget that! We can love our bodies and ourselves no matter their shape and size. So, if you picked up this issue looking for tips to transform your body, you won’t find what you’re looking for, but let me tell you what you will find. 

Crystal Henry-Smith is a faith-filled force in our community, working to transform our community through her program Sisters Save Sisters with Rochester Public Schools and her work with the Community Engagement Response Team (p. 20).

Our new columns make their second appearance in this issue. Try out our recipes (p. 28) and a lower body workout (p. 27), cut out and tape an inspirational quote to your mirror (p. 9) and get yourself ready for spring with 5 tips (p. 11). Also discover what transformation looks like after trauma (p. 25), try some new fashion tips (p. 31) and see some tending product recommendations (p. 38).

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