Turning Passion Into Business

So, you love making earrings with a message (looking at you, Glamoross), or watercolors (hello, Bravery in Bloom) or doing yoga therapy (that’s me) . . . Should you turn it into a business? It depends. 

During a personal rough patch, I immersed myself in yoga, then took yoga teacher training to learn how it works so well. When invited to teach a class, I found I loved sharing what was shared with me. Cue more training, then a three-and-a-half year yoga therapist training, a full-time day job with yoga as a side hustle, then a half-time day job while finishing my training and getting certified, and I have been all-in on yoga therapy for years. I LOVE creating 10- to 20-minute sequences for people to do daily at home that are designed to move them forward, and I love supporting them along the way. It is super satisfying to walk with my students as they heal, step into their power and blossom beyond what we imagined! 

The pluses are that my passion sustains me during business challenges. It’s also very easy to share— AKA market—what I love about what I do and how it can help you solve your problem because my passion shines bright. While I have always enjoyed many aspects of every job I’ve had, I can “work” longer doing things I love than I can doing things that are OK but do not feed my soul in the same way. More pluses are I can decide if I want to keep it small or scale up. It’s much easier to pivot because I have the agility that comes with passion. And I can more easily solve personal problems because that personnel is me. 

The minuses are that, unless/until you have enough capital and/or income to hire, you are doing what you love plus all of the admin. However, as Maria Forleo says, everything is figureoutable. I learned I am better with new things in the morning and the familiar in the afternoon. Like any long-term relationship, it takes creativity to keep it interesting. (Wink!) Some ways to stay engaged with what you love include attending conferences, networking, continuing to learn, trying something new, finding a mentor, mentoring someone, exploring outside of your geographical area, diving deep or going wide. 

It’s OK to enjoy your passion without monetizing it too. In our capitalist culture, it is revolutionary to do things for the simple joy of them, freely, easily and unapologetically.  While being an entrepreneur is revolutionary, so is enjoying something for the pure pleasure of it. 

How do you know which way to go? What does your Inner Knowing say? Get quiet and see what bubbles up. If you can’t hear it, that is good information too. Take as much time as you need. Listen for the voice that doesn’t sound like the others. Then do that. 

No matter what you decide, we are rooting for you!

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Chris is currently a certified yoga therapist and formerly a lawyer who likes people, writing, making things and foraging, because it’s all yoga all of the time.

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