Two Words that Can Change Your Life: I Wonder . . .
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I wonder—only two little words but a powerful phrase that can have a profound positive impact on your life. I wonder—the words that fuel curious exploration. What is curiosity, and how can you cultivate curiosity in your life for personal growth? 

The definition of curiosity is “a strong desire to know or learn something.” It’s the desire that drives you to say to yourself, “I wonder if . . .” Curiosity is also an emotional state, and being in a state of curiosity has many positive effects. 

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, curiosity will help you move past what you think you know and be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. By being open to new ideas, you can view challenges from a different perspective and come up with better, more creative solutions. Like the phrase says, “Get curious, not furious,” instead of getting angry or feeling frustrated, you can move into a state of curiosity and focus on solutions instead of problems. Curiosity is the driver of innovation. In fact, Einstein is known to have said, “I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” If that’s what curiosity can do, sign me up! 

What if you became very, very curious about your own life? Let’s do a visualization called “Your Perfect Day” and then ask a few key questions after. Be in a place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Spend time creating your dream life in your mind from the minute you wake up to the time you go to bed. Try to picture these things: 

  • Who are you waking up next to, if anyone? 
  • What does your house look like? Try to be detailed as possible.
  • How do you spend your morning?
  • Do you leave your house to go to work or work from home? Are you even working? 
  • Do you have a family and pets?
  • If you go to work, where are you going? What does your office look like, what kind of work are you doing? Who are you working with?
  • When you come home from work, what does your evening look like, and who are you with? 
  • How do you end your day? 
  • How do you FEEL throughout the day? 

I encourage you to dig deep into the feelings this day gave you and focus on that because it’s the feeling you really want. For instance, you might think you want your dream house, but what you really want is the feelings you get from having that dream house. The feelings are what will drive your motivation to achieve your goals. 

After doing this exercise ask yourself these questions: 

  • If I were to FULLY live my life, what is the first change I would start to make? 
  • What decisions can I make today to create the life I want? 
  • What are three things I am doing regularly that don’t serve or support me? Once you identify these three things, make a plan for how you are going to improve in those areas. What resources or support do you need? What steps can you take to create an environment where you can change that behavior? 
  • If you dared say it aloud, what would you make happen in your career/life? Then do it, say it aloud and start taking action to make it happen! 
  • Who do I need to be to succeed in reaching my goals? Write it down, explore creative solutions and be open to receiving support. 

I hope this curious exploration into “Your Perfect Day” has revealed insights that will prompt areas of personal growth to create a life you truly love because you truly deserve it. Even if your life is pretty good already, there are always areas of improvement. 

If you would like to gain more powerful insights into your life and learn holistic tools to assist you in your journey, join me for Empowered! Women’s Holistic Wellness Retreat on September 24, 2022, at the beautiful Hormel Nature Center in Austin, Minnesota. This is going to be a transformational day, and you’ll be connecting with like-minded women on a similar journey. It will feel great to be together again! If you’re “curious” you can learn more at

~ Stacy

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