United Way of Olmsted County’s 21-Day Equity Challenge
Listen, Learn, Reflect, and Act in January 2022  (Sponsored Content)

Combatting racism and inequality in our community doesn’t happen on its own. It requires people to put in the time and effort to learn about and implement change in their own words and actions, their workplaces, and our community. The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a free self-guided learning journey hosted by United Way of Olmsted County to help build our community’s awareness of the ways that bias, prejudice, privilege and oppression show up in our work and lives. Participants can expect to spend 15 minutes each day of the challenge delving into email prompts with readings, videos and resources that deepen their understanding of equity and justice. Starting on January 4, participants will receive an email each weekday with 15 minutes of daily learning about equity and justice.

Olmsted County is a vibrant and hard-working community, but it’s not without its problems— hungry families, a lack of affordable housing and social disconnection. But not everyone experiences those challenges in the same way. United Way’s 21-Day Equity Challenge is designed to build awareness of the ways that bias, prejudice, privilege and oppression show up in our community. 

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a free email campaign for individuals of all identities who are committed to undoing racism and bias to build a thriving community where people can reach their full potential. Participants will receive resources daily in their inboxes. As a community, Olmsted County residents will deepen their understanding of equity through topics like housing, healthcare, the justice system and more. 

“United Way is working with individuals and organizations from across our community to dismantle systemic barriers based on race, gender and other identities so they no longer impact the education, health and financial stability of Olmsted County residents,” says Amy Wilfahrt, advocacy and engagement coordinator at United Way of Olmsted County. “We have work to do, and we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re inviting our neighbors to join us by listening, learning, acting and reflecting together.” 

The Challenge begins January 4. Interested community members are encouraged to sign up online

“For nearly 100 years, United Way of Olmsted County has been tackling our community’s most pressing challenges,” says President Jerome Ferson. “Now more than ever, we are called to address long standing inequities that keep people in our community from reaching their full potential. We’re committed to living united, and we’re not leaving anyone behind. We invite each and every person in our community to get involved by signing up for the 21- Day Equity Challenge and giving as they are able during our annual campaign.”

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