Ways to Recharge during the Busy Holiday Season
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If you’re reading this, you’re maybe just about to enter a busy 10 days of holiday celebrations with family and friends or maybe just wrapping up! Many of us might have packed more into our schedules from December 19th to January 2nd than any other time of the year.

Gone are the days where we have a 12-day “school break” to kick back and enjoy! 

Nevertheless, I’m here to give you some ideas on how to recharge during a busy season of life.

Maybe you can’t fit in your typical staples, but you can surely swap it out for a doable alternative! 

  1. Can’t fit in your typical 3-5 days a week at the gym due to holiday parties/travel? 

Tip: Pack some resistance bands for a car workout or save some YouTube bodyweight-only workouts to do from home. Even better, get outside with the family for a walk or sledding! 

  1. Can’t fit in your typical 30 minutes of reading before bed? 

Download some good audiobooks or podcasts to listen while you travel to family Christmas. Tip: Or listen for 10 minutes before bed.

  1. Can’t fit in a yoga class this week?

Tip: Grab a mat and some essential oils and do a combo of 3 or 4 of your favorite yoga moves (downward dog, child’s pose, cat-cow and chair pose!) in the basement, your room or the guest room you’re staying at! 

  1. Not fitting in your typical meal prep or balanced meals? 

Tip: Give yourself grace! Remember it’s not about being “perfect.” My best advice is to enjoy this season but LISTEN to your body. So have that cookie or yummy mashed potatoes but truly listen when you start feeling full and drink plenty of water! 

  1. Feeling overwhelmed by all the holiday events, the schedule, the gatherings and celebrations and too much peopling?

Tip: You set your schedule. Even if you have a packed weekend, be sure to take five when you need it! Maybe it’s stepping away from a happy hour to take five outside or stepping away from the dinner table to do a quick walk around the block or excusing yourself from visiting to just take a breath behind a closed door. You decide! 

Do what you need to do this holiday season so you can enjoy MORE, be PRESENT and stress less!

Wishing you a happy holiday season! 

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Maria Serbus is the CEO & resilience coach at Maria Serbus, LLC. She helps high-achieving women overcome stress & overwhelm through mind body tools so they can pursue an extraordinary life while being present to everyday moments that matter. www.mariaserbus.com | @maria.serbus

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Maria is CEO of Maria Serbus, LLC, a business that focuses on helping high achievers overcome stress/overwhelm through mind-body practices to enjoy the life they live now.

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