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Ditch Your Inner Critic  and Embrace Your  Personal Style -Photos by AB-Photography.us

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When you feel good,  you generally put your best foot forward. A well-fitting,  confidence-inducing outfit can change your entire mood end energy level.

Sometimes it’s hard to get there, though. Our inner critic tells us we can’t pull that outfit off or not to bother trying on that old favorite because it’s certainly not going to fit us post-pandemic. Suddenly we’re overwhelmed with indecision lack of confidence, taking all the fun out of the experience getting dressed should be. I know I am still striving for more comfort and confidence in my own style, and here are three tips I’ve learned along the way.

Allow yourself many “hats.”

Recognize and embrace the many different roles we play in our lives. Sometimes we are the powerhouse businesswoman, other times the kind and soft mother or the sexy partner…the list goes on. These “hats” we wear often play a big part in feeling like we can or cannot wear certain things. It’s important to remember that though we must lean in and out of these roles, we are still us 100% of the time. Learn how to dress authentically within the parameters of what your life demands,  rather than having a completely different “costume” for each.

Ditch what doesn’t work.

Ditch what doesn’t work. With your inner mentor and many “hats” in mind,  perform a closet cleanse. Give yourself full permission to ditch anything and everything that no longer physically or emotionally fits this vision. You may not have a full closet left, and that’s OK! No need for an immediate shopping haul, you’ll likely end up right back where you started.  Take your time getting creative with the pieces you love most and don’t be afraid to be an outfit repeater while building a more mindful shopping list.

Meet your inner mentor.

Close your eyes and picture her, the wiser version of yourself.  She is the woman you aspire to be. Your inner mentor listens to her body and intuition, stopping negative self-talk in its tracks. Now look a little closer—what is she wearing? What type of energy does she exude? Is it confidence, sass, power? What do you admire most? Take note of colors, shapes and the actual outfit itself. Are these pieces you already own or something you’ve never allowed yourself to consider? Take some time to start digging into your closet or create a shopping list with this vision, knowing that she is rooting for you!


About Author

Samantha has always loved making things "pretty." Her level of patience necessitates that pretty must also be simple and practical to remain sustainable! Currently a professional organizer by day, Samantha holds a professional background in both cosmetology and personal styling. A true believer of the term "more with less," she hopes to bring a balanced approach to the fashion & beauty department for RWM readers.

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