Winter Survival: Fashion Edition
Layering 101
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It’s that time of year again, when the weather takes a quick nosedive, and all we want to do is stay cozy. If you haven’t already, pull out your heaviest sweaters and get ready to layer for fashion and function with these layering tips.

Mix patterns and textures

Add more interest to any outfit by layering two or three different fabrics and/or patterns. The key to creating a cohesive look is to work with a specific color palette. Start with one statement pattern or texture and build from that within the same color family. Go monochrome for a classic style or add an unexpected pop of color for more flair.

Invest in quality undergarments

Choosing the right fabrics and fit for layers that never see the light of day is imperative to keeping you warm, dry and free from extra bulk. Start with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric as your base layer. Polyester is a good choice, as it wicks well and feels soft against the skin. Add an insulating fabric such as merino wool for your mid layer to retain heat and level up the coziness factor. Finally, top your look with nylon or another water-resistant material to avoid bone-chilling dampness.

Get unconventional

Most of us tend to designate pieces as exclusively indoor or outdoor, which can really limit our winter styling options. Shake things up and get more use out of your wardrobe by flipping the script. Bring your favorite fall jacket indoors as a light layering piece or double up your sweaters for a fresh cold weather look. Your heaviest layer also doesn’t need to be your outermost! A slimline jacket or coat can look great over bulky sweaters.

Play with proportions

While it’s tempting to bundle up in blanket-like layers, being thoughtful with your shapes and proportions will keep you looking polished and comfortable. Try tucking your sweater into high-waisted denim and topping it off with a long jacket for full coverage on blustery days. Cropped cardigans and sweaters pair well with wide-leg pants if you prefer a looser shape on the bottom.


All in the details

Layering is not limited to your clothing. Hats, scarves, socks and shoes are all simple additions to your look that can be removed if you get too warm heading back indoors. Just beware of statement jewelry that can snag knit sweaters or scarves. Also consider your styling—a quick cuff of your denim or jacket sleeve can take an outfit from sloppy to stylish in a moment. ::



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