What’s Your Wordle Personality

Do you do the daily Wordle? Or maybe more than once per day? Answer these questions to find out what your Wordle personality is.

  1. What is your first word?

  1. Always the same one. It’s going to be the word someday, obvs.
  2. Always a new one. I love thinking of a different 5-letter word every day. There are so many amazing words in this world!!!
  3. I have a few regular words that I cycle through.
  1. What is your second word?

  1. Always the same one. Again, it’s going to be the word someday. Also, it gives me a chance to use more common letters. You have to be practical.
  2. Obviously it depends on what or if there were letters in the first one! It’s a second chance to be creative and try to think of a new word! [knocks coffee mug over with exuberant hand gestures]
  3. What?! I just think about it and put something new?! Honestly. Are we still talking about this?
  1. When do you do the Wordle?

  1. I always do it at the same time each day. At the same time I do all my other daily routine activities. I have a lot of routine activities. What is life without routine? What are we?Anarchists?
  2. Whenever the spirit moves me. I’m not really a “schedule” person. You just never know what a day is going to bring, and I need to be open to experience everything I can.
  3. I don’t do it every day. Let’s maybe change the conversation?
  1. How often do you get the word correct in 2 or 3 guesses?

  1. Almost all of the time. I am a genius.
  2. Probably 50-75% of the time. But honestly? Who really cares? It’s just for FUN!
  3. Once in a while. I also do other activities. Things that are way more interesting . . . 
  1. How often do you give up before you’ve tried 6 words?

  1. What?! Never! Do you even KNOW me?
  2. Not often. There are so many different 5-letter words to try! Gotta exercise that creativity!!!!
  3. Frequently. It’s stupid. And frankly, so is this quiz.
  1. Do you share your results?

  1. Yes. I have a few people in my Wordle Circle. You might guess this, but I’m fairly competitive.
  2. Of course! My whole circle of artistes love to compare creative words!
  3. Never. Who would care? Please say this is the last question. ::

So, what IS your Wordle personality? Add up your score. Give yourself 5 for every A, 3 for every B and 1 for every C.


You are a serious Wordler (also, just pretty serious about life in general). Nothing can keep you from completing this game every day (or maybe more than one time per day!). You have a mathematical (and, dare we say, calculating?) brain. You love your routines and are practical. You can be counted on to be calm and collected in any situation. People trust you to make rational decisions and be the level-headed one. And although we applaud you, we hope that you also find time to laugh at things. Maybe even at yourself sometimes. 


You are a creative genius. No one can put any labels on you (or put you in a corner). You float through life like a butterfly, flitting here and there, enjoying the ride and loving life. People count on you to be the life of the party, bringing the fun everywhere you go! Let your sparkle brighten the world, but just be careful not to knock stuff over in your exuberance.


What is the big deal with this game? You are supremely uninterested in participating in fads like this. If it crosses your path, you might consider it, but if it gets too hard, you’re out! You are too cool for school, and you have better things to do. It’s great that you don’t get too worked up about a game, but it IS ok to be passionate about some things. Don’t miss out on fun things just because you don’t want to take part in a fad.

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