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Using Your Voice Is Brave

Recently I was talking with a past employee who shared with me that someone told her, “If you want to get anywhere in this place you need to stop asking questions.” As someone who is a “speaker upper,” I was a bit perturbed by that. 

When I was her manager, I loved the fact that she pushed me and at times questioned decisions and processes. Sure there were moments I thought to myself, you’re bugging me; let’s get on with it. But inevitably, I would get back to my office and think how great it is when people seek understanding and question the “why” behind things. That takes guts. 

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Dear SheTaxi,

I am going through a really rough divorce and don’t want people to know about it at work. I feel I should tell my manager, so he knows why I have been taking time off. However, I’m not convinced this is a good idea, as I don’t have a good working relationship with him. What should I do? –Meghan, Rochester

First off, I am so sorry about this rough patch in your life and think your concerns are valid. I’d like to think all managers are compassionate and practice the confidentiality rule with their employees. Unfortunately, not everyone operates in that fashion. 

My first thought is, how is your performance? Are you meeting the deliverables and doing quality work? How you answer this may determine which route to go with your manager. 

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