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We all are on the same page about how hard women work. No matter if your title is official or not, what (if anything) you get paid or who you manage (your own children or a staff of hundreds), Rochester Women Magazine recognizes your hard work and wants to support you.

As we grow into our new identity, one area we are focused on is collecting resources that exist to support women in business and women entrepreneurs. Last month we published our annual Women’s Business & Resource Directory. That platform allows women to promote the work that they do either through their own businesses or companies they work for.

It was part of the July/August issue, and it will remain on stands and on our website for the year. We are proud to be a sponsor of the Women Entrepreneurs Forum (ad on p. 26), as well as an event in October about careers in construction (ad on p. 36).

RWM is working with Collider, as well, to ensure that local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-tobe have access to the resources they need to stay motivated and work toward their goals.

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